22 Jump Street Torrent constantly plays with the anachronistic adaptation factor. Inspired by the television series of the late 1980s, it keeps the premise (which police must infiltrate the students), but it fits the movie to pop-rapid-colored like the XXI century. “Before there was also a group of police officers who infiltrated into schools. People always recreate the worst crap,” says a chief of police, in obvious reference to the movie itself.

Anything goes: the homoerotic tension between them, a man sodomized by a woman at a party, another woman appears unconscious in the back seat of a car, but ready for a fellatio with the first man that comes along.

Enter gags scene about action movies (the cars that never explode), jokes about the icons of the youth of American colleges (the importance of prom) and, above all, a deluge of references to oral sex, this is probably the movie with more jokes about penises in the entire history of cinema.